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Lusitano's horses for sale: tips before and after your purchase

In addition to their impressive charisma, the Portuguese Lusitanos are considered to be extremely reliable, people-oriented and rideable. Despite the high knee action, they are very soft to sit on and, due to their medium size, are suitable for both juniors and adults. The Lusitanos are also ideal for dressage up to high school.

The Lusitanos are also enjoying increasing popularity in Germany, especially since the breeding in Central Europe in recent years has placed a lot of emphasis on perfect character, rideability and correct, as well as high knee actions. We are pleased to be able to offer you, as an experienced broker of Iberian horses, a large selection of excellent Lusitanos in all classes for sale.

Who is a Lusitano particularly suitable for?

The Lusitano is an all-rounder who, due to its character, is just as suitable for less experienced riders as for professionals with Olympic goals in dressage. However, Lusitano is also increasingly seen on distance rides and in jumping. Their special qualities for the controversial bullfighting are not relevant in Central Europe, but they prove their courage, endurance and agility. Leisure riders particularly appreciate the comfortably seated aisles.

Buy Lusitano - but where?

You don't have to travel all the way to Portugal to buy a Lusitano. Nevertheless, it is usually worth contacting specialists who have trained and promoted the horses with the appropriate specialist knowledge. This way you avoid unwanted surprises, as the riders and trainers can give a differentiated and clear picture of the character and potential of the horse.

Thanks to our specialization in Iberian horses, among which the Lusitanos play a major role, our trainers have the required expertise to be able to provide you with competent information about each of our horses for sale. We always have over 50 horses for sale in all classes at our farm in Hesse and in Andalusia.

Are you looking for a dream horse that is not advertised on our website as a horse for sale? Just contact us. For organizational reasons, many horses are not yet online or are currently in advanced training.

Development of the Lusitano to this day

The Lusitanos were originally named after Lusitania, the name that the Romans gave to the country we know today as Portugal. The development of the Lusitanos can be traced back to the Sorraia horse, which dates back to 900 BC. BC were mixed with the horses of North Africa. The Sorraia probably belong to the oldest horse breed: cave drawings from 22,000 BC. BC support this thesis.

Due to the close relationship of the Lusitanos with the Andalusians, they also share some characteristics typical of the breed; a rather short back, strong hind legs and high knee action. The paths of the Lusitanos and Andalusians began to separate in the 17th century, when the Spaniards steered the breeding of the Andalusians more towards recreational riding and according to the external appearance. Meanwhile, the Lusitanos were bred mainly for bullfighting, which is still practiced in Portugal.

Until the 1960s, the Andalusians and Lusitanos shared a register, but due to the efforts of the Lusitano breeders, they founded the first official Lusitano breeding register in 1966.

How to find your dream horse

You can find many of our horses for sale online on our website. In order for us to be able to introduce you to more of our potentially suitable and suitable horses, please provide the following information:

What are your riding skills?

What are your riding goals?

Which character and riding qualities are particularly important to you?

Do you prefer a mare, gelding or stallion?

Are you committed to a specific breed of horse like Lusitano, PRE or Andalusian?

Do you prefer a specific color?

Do you prefer a certain age?

Where is the horse used? Eg leisure, as a family horse, in riding schools, for jumping or high dressage?

Are unridden young horses also considered?

What price range have you set yourself?

May we also introduce horses for sale that are currently still in Andalusia?

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