The costs for the stableing are always free within the first 2 weeks after purchase. If you wish to get your horse later for any personal reasons, castration etc. we have to charge you a rate of 150,00€/week for the stableing and further training of the horse.


On request we can get the ferrier just before the transport. Costs for cutting & shoeing (including 4 irons) are 75,00€.


If you are going to buy a stallion, but prefer to do have him geldet before delivery, we can arrange that without problems. The castration is only a simple surgery, normaly the horses can be transportet already 2 weeks after. The costs for the castration are approx. 300€. In case of health problems after the surgery, the customer has to pay for the extra costs. The horse has to be completly payed before doing the castration.


If you wish that your horse is going to be trained by a professional rider before delivery, we can bring your horse to a well knows dressage- & showrider. Normaly the horse needs to stay between 1 – 2 months. We have several well known trainers availble which are specified in the classical dressage, Alta Escuela (High School Training), Working Equitation, Doma Vaquera as well as on Free Dressage/Circensik/Show. Training including stableing: 600,00€/monthly


If you wish to make a live insurance for your horse, we can get you a offer from our partner.