We generally only transport our horses for sale with certified, renowned and well-known carriers. All horses are accommodated in transit stalls during breaks in transport and can relax there in guest boxes. Of course, the horses are insured through the carrier during transport. The horses are driven in air-conditioned trucks specially designed for horses. The freight forwarders naturally try to make the transport as stress-free as possible. Upon delivery, you will receive the horse's original papers and any purchased accessories from the carrier.


The prices vary depending on the loading point and unloading point. We would be happy to obtain offers from various forwarders for you in advance. The contract is concluded directly between the customer and the forwarder and the amount is paid directly to the forwarder. The customer receives the contact details of the forwarding agent and can then arrange delivery dates etc. directly with them. Majestic Horses has no influence on the route, delivery times etc. A single transport can also be booked on request.

900€ - 1.200€
600€ - 800€
700€ - 900€
1.100€ - 1.400€
700€ - 1.100€
800€ - 1.000€
1.200€ - 1.400€
6.500€ - 7.500€
6.500€ - 7.500€
5.500€ - 7.000€


If the horse is brought abroad by air freight, we will also work with well-known partners here and look for the best offer for you and your horse! We take care of all the necessary examinations such as the piroplasmosis test for export to the USA or Asia.


We take care of the complete organization and preparation of the necessary transport documents - there are no additional costs for the customer. All necessary costs, such as for the preparation of the health certificate, are already included in the purchase price. In principle, every horse is checked again by a veterinarian 3-5 days before transport and receives a health certificate. This certificate is presented to the responsible veterinary office for the purpose of transport approval.